What is Miyazaki wagyu Council?

The Yori Yoki Miyazakigyu Zukuri Taisaku Kyogikai was formed in April 1986 by relevant organizations and groups (from the production to distribution and consumption of beef cattle in Miyazaki Prefecture) in the prefecture coming together in order to encourage “better Miyazaki Beef making” and promote the increased consumption of Miyazaki Beef for the healthy development of beef cattle management in the prefecture. There are 33 member organizations that make up the Yori Yoki Miyazakigyu Zukuri Taisaku Kyogikai, including the prefecture, JA Miyazaki Keizairen, Prefectural Nokyochuokai, Association of City Mayors, Association of Town and Village Mayors, Livestock Industry Association, Gunshi Chikuren, Miyazaki Local Products and Trade Promotion Centre, Miyazaki Pref. Meat Industry Co-Operative Associations, Prefectural Region Women’s Liaison Council and Miyachiku. In Yori Yoki Miyazakigyu Zukuri Taisaku Kyogikai, the Miyazaki Prefectural Governor is the Honorary Chairman, the Keizairen President is the Chairman, the Agricultural Policy and Fisheries Director and Prefectural Keizairen Vice-President are the Vice-Chairmen and the Livestock Industry Association Executive Director and Consumer Groups Liaison Council are the Auditors.

Promotion System

Main Activities

We present Miyazaki Beef equivalent to one head of cattle to the sumo wrestlers who win each of the six tournaments a year in order to expand the market and conduct PR for Miyazaki Beef. Since September 2002, we have also presented the winners with one ton of vegetables and fruits to increase the name recognition of Miyazaki Prefecture products.
In order to increase the consumption of Miyazaki Beef, we hold various Miyazaki Beef events for general consumers, as well as give presentations of Miyazaki Beef at professional baseball and J-League soccer games and run fairs in authorized stores.