About Miyazaki wagyu

What is Miyazaki wagyu?

Miyazaki Wagyu is a brand of Japanese Black Wagyu, born and grown in Miyazaki prefecture with a grade of 4 or higher.
Miyazaki Wagyu is beef made from a cattle having excellent pedigree. In addition, Miyazaki Wagyu is registered as a regional collective trademark and as an agricultural, forestry and fishery product under the Geographical Indications Law.

Miyazaki wagyu
Date of Registration February 23, 2007
Registration Number
No. 5028588
Applicant Miyazaki Prefecture Economic Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives

Geographical Indication (GI)

Date of Registration December 15, 2017
Registration Number No. 55
Applicant Miyazaki wagyu Council

Roots of Miyazaki Wagyu

The horse trade had been the focus of Miyazaki Prefecture since olden days, but with the rapid decline in horse production after the war, the number of Japanese cows in the prefecture rapidly increased. Nowadays, Miyazaki Prefecture is third in the nation in terms of the number of Japanese cows bred. In 1971, there was a move to an integrated production system in the region – from the production of calves for their meat to fattening and then slaughter.

History of Miyazaki Wagyu

  • Horses were central to Miyazaki Prefecture prior to the war
  • There was a rapid increase in the number of cows after the war
  • Breeding bulls were introduced to the prefecture from the Chugoku Region and selective breeding took place
Mihonokuni(Taken from the bloodstock of Yasuhira and Itohide)

Number of Cows Bred For Meat

1st Hokkaido 524,700
2nd Kagoshima Prefecture 341,000
3rd Miyazaki Prefecture 244,100

Current as of February 1, 2020. Source: “Livestock Statistics”

The Japanese Black breeding bulls of Miyazaki Prefecture have no parallels with other prefectures because they take advantage of three major national lineages: “Kedaka-kei” with excellent physique, “Ito-kei” rich in balance and “Tajima-kei” that boasts a high meat quality. Repeated selective breeding through a mating system unique to Miyazaki Prefecture has led to the successful development of superior cattle called Yasuhira and Itohide. We have arrived at the Miyazaki Wagyu of today through the establishment of Japanese Black breeding bulls and the improvement/enhancement of cows in Miyazaki Prefecture with national and JA Group cattle-related organizations working together. In addition, the breeding bulls in Miyazaki Prefecture are centrally managed by the Miyazaki Prefecture Livestock Improvement Agency.

Meat Quality Grades

The meat quality grade system is determined by four elements: The marbling, the luster/color of the meat, the firmness and texture of the meat, and the luster/color and quality of the fat.

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