Moo Moo Seminars: Dietary and Agricultural Education

The YoriyokiMiyazakiBeef Council holds classes to convey the production environment of beef, the importance of life and the meaning of eating to elementary school children. We conduct activities to deepen understanding toward agriculture, animal husbandry and food produced in Japan for local consumption through comparisons between eating Miyazaki Beef and beef produced overseas.

Miyazaki is Amazing!

Most Cattle Raised: Top 3 Prefectures

1. Hokkaido
2. Kagoshima Prefecture
3. Miyazaki Prefecture (251,200)

Most Pigs Raised: Top 3 Prefectures

1. Kagoshima Prefecture
2. Miyazaki Prefecture (885,300)
3. Chiba Prefecture

Most Broilers Raised: Top 3 Prefectures

1. Kagoshima Prefecture
2. Miyazaki Prefecture (18,388)
3. Iwate Prefecture

Miyazaki Beef

Japanese Black cattle produced in Miyazaki Prefecture…

  • Japanese black cattle which is raised the most longest time in Miyazaki through their life time is Miyazaki Beef
  • Miyazaki Beef has a meat quality of 4 or 5 grade

Management for each Pack

Meat sold in supermarkets…


When you put in this individual identification number, you can trace…

Cattle Register:

  • Birth date
  • Address
  • Date of move
  • Slaughter date
    (Date became meat)

Process up to Becoming Miyazaki Beef

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Gratitude for life

Itadakimasu (Let’s Eat!)

  • There is life in all food
  • Fish and live stock have their own lives
  • Fruits and vegetables also have their own lives
  • We live because we depend on their lives

With a loud voice:“Itadakimasu!”(Let’s eat)

Gochisousama (That's Delicious!)

  • Thank you to the farmers who made this delicious meat
  • Thank you to the people who made this delicious meal
  • Thank you to the people who worked to buy this food
  • Thank you to the lives that were given to become this delicious food

Let's have them all clearly:
Gochisousama!”(That's delicious!)

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